We have worship service each Sunday morning here at the Village. Our Pastor gives us an update of prayer needs and this morning his report on my friend, James the Sign Painter, wasn’t good. Totally bedridden, it just isn’t what James would want. He has always been an active member of society, talented beyond measure and during his last weeks here, he told me that he was ready to ‘go home’.  I haven’t known James for long, but from the first day, I felt a closeness and warmth of true friendship.  There comes a time when a man simply realizes he has ‘fought a good fight’ and there’s a better place awaiting.  James is there and James is ready. I pray my Merciful GOD will welcome my special friend home soon. Men like James come along very seldom and those of us who were blessed knowing this one will forever be grateful for the privilege.  One thing I will never forget about James is what he would always say, as he took his seat at breakfast, when asked how was he doing, he would always pause and say, “Give me a minute while I think about that”.  James will be just fine and that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

One thought on “James

  1. Praying for mercy for your precious friend. Holding you close in my thoughts and sending you comforting hugs. I love you.



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