The James Boys

My very first breakfast, here at Colonial Village, was at table 27 with Tom and James and James.  Tom is now in special care, James (2) is in Assisted Living and neither is doing very well.  It is unsettling to see friends’ condition worsen, daily.  James (1) and I  enjoy a hearty breakfast rather silently. We’ve pretty well worn out our discovery that we know the same ‘Atlanta Rabbit’ and the fact that he was forced to sell his house by his son. “I had a great house and it was paid for and it was better than this!”, is just about all he says now. There’s a new facility opening near-by and a few have moved. James has visited and is tempted to move, also. I finally got Tom to open up and talk about things, but I’m not sure he will ever return to our table. I wish I could encourage James (2) to get involved in some activity other than an occasional “chicken foot” game. Hibernation is an easy course to take in homes such as this. I’ve suggested a game of “free” Texas Hold’em”, but can’t budge him. In the Book of James, the writer gives specific instruction regarding relationships. All I can do is try and love them through the valley of dark clouds and loneliness.  It takes a bunch of prayer and love for many relationships. It requires patience to wait upon the Holy Spirit to move, but that’s what Obedience and Faith is for, donchaknow. James says to be kind to one-another in every way. That requires a bunch of positive thinking and that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

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