Ron and Poo, Revisited

I told you of their relationship and how he missed her when she was very ill. Now, she is back to her old self (meant literally, but with affection). Ron is Don Rickles, reincarnated. He is a master at cutting one down. His caustic humor isn’t for everyone, so folks have a tendency to give him space. Poo can’t see too well and her hearing is zero, so she holds on to Ron’s back pants-pocket as they move about our home. I visited with Ron this week over eggs and bacon, prepared by our master Sous Chef, Maxine. He told me that he had served on the town commission and at one time considered running for mayor. I asked him to describe our government and he,”Are you nuts? Not while I’m eating!”. Ron has a great speaking voice and I wanted him to participate in our up-coming “Old Time Radio” production of Father Knows Best, but Poo’s illness put a halt to that. Perhaps it will work out later. Here at the Village,  we learn patience and since we’re all in HIS hands, we simply smile in assurance of a better day a’comin’, donchaknow.  It’s time for BINGO and a chance to win some of those Colonial Village Bucks. Wish me luck in Blackout. Pray for Tom  and James and the few neighbors who have chosen another facility.  Pray that it all works out for them.  That’s what I get in My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN


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