The Best Instruction is in the Eternal Manual

I receive regular notices from Social Security and just this week there is a front-page article by  .  Mr. Strauss is a practicing Buddhist who says,“The Buddhist tradition focuses on cultivating the wisdom to differentiate between short-term pleasure and long-term well-being, and the courage to make the best choices.”  As I read his blog, I thought about what he was saying and how all these wise observations were first said by GOD.  It is of interest that proponents of ‘religions’ are much more welcome by ‘official’ publications than those speaking GOD’s Truth.  I doubt that the Social Security publisher would allow Adrian Rogers or Billy Graham equal space.  What ‘man has put asunder’ is the very thing that will destroy him. GOD is not mocked and regardless of all the wonderful wisdom of religious men, His Truth is the only one that will ‘march into eternity’.  We have made a mistake in allowing only those voices of religion to speak over those of men after GOD’s own heart.  We have allowed sin to be presented as the best choice in life and we have been ‘tolerant’ in allowing deviate behavior to be glorified.  I will support any person’s right to worship and believe as he or she wishes, but I find it reprehensible that a periodical representing a governmental entity feels free to promote any ‘religion’ over GOD’s Truth. How much longer can we expect a righteous GOD to abide?   I can assure you that the future looks pretty dismal outside HIS family.  I pray for my precious country.  I pray for people everywhere.  Why do we wait to do HIS will?  ‘Tis a Puzzlement.   That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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