Doing as I Please

There is one thing about aging that does not work well with regular schedules. Other than BINGO, Walmart and meal-time, seniors find it difficult to follow any additional routine. The biggest hurdle for us is a Doctor’s appointment. Most folks do not realize they can make appointments to fit their schedule. Keeping up with our health needs is important and the doctor’s schedule is more sacred that a rehearsal. After all the years I spent in theater, I understand, but for the inexperienced thespian, it is a crisis. As we approach our May 15 performance, this is not a good time to have interference with rehearsals.  I think I will place a dollar-bill in an envelope and hand these out next Monday. When they open the envelope and remove the bill, I can congratulate them on becoming ‘paid’ performers, thus they are professionals. Thusly, they will automatically know the importance of the “Show”…perhaps.   That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN



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