Meet A. J., formerly of the U.S. Air Force Band.  Born of Native American parents in New Mexico, A J had reached a height of six feet most of his life, but today he barely scares five feet.  He may have shrunk a bit, but his mind and his humor are just as sharp as before.  I first met A J when he sat down to play the piano in the Blue Room.  A bit of Jazz brightened my day and I had to meet the player. It turns out that we have a great deal in common. He loves Barbershop music and so do I. He and I have sung in “Barbershop Quartets, but his is the most experience. We have both sung solos at churches and are friends with a great man names Buddy. A J has lost so much body weight, his dentures do not fit properly, so it difficult to understand everything he says, but when understood, he is sharp and funny.  He is my “SFX” in our upcoming “Father Knows Best” radio re-enactment on May 15. His is an integral part and he is totally ‘in it’. My friend and fellow musician, A J, is a bright spot around the Village. You must see his performance on May 15 at 7PM in our Dining Room at Colonial Village Independent Living located in Longview, TX at 2910 N Eastman Road. Admission is Free. Come early to get a good seat. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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