They Work For US!

It appears that consumers are losing control of their consumption. Perhaps it is time for customers to customize and take charge of business.  People to whom we submit payment, any payment, work for us!  I am weary of having those to whom I write checks, tell me how I am to accept ‘their’ dictates.  Perhaps my thinking is radical, but after signing an occupational agreement, the only party that sticks to it is me.  If my apartment is ‘supposed’ to be cleaned on Friday, then it should be cleaned on Friday. If there is a problem, I should be informed rather than ‘wonder?’.  If I am unable to attend mealtime and I request delivery, I should get what I ask for and it should be at least warm. If I have a maintenance problem, after going through my part of the process by informing the ‘front desk’, I shouldn’t expect some response within a few days, at least. I will give consideration to management and expect the same. We should never be treated as if we were a “pain”.  At least we should be heard and not ignored. I’ve served on boards where rules may not have been the choice of everyone, but rules must be followed and enforced. I feel that services promised are to be enforced also. We pay our dues on time and those dues should result in services promised. Speaking of ‘rules’, do those in whom we have placed our trust seem to think of themselves as “Rulers”?  ‘Tis a Puzzlement. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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