Take Up My Marbles

If you have attended worship for as long as I, then you have witnessed “church-hopping.” As a matter of fact, I’ve experienced it ‘first hand’. Most who ‘leave’, do so over something that will most likely occur wherever they may settle.  In my case, it was due to the fact that I could fill a position on the church staff. It is still a common practice today.  Public school music teachers are much in demand as bi-vocational worship or choral directors in churches that have not reached the level of hiring a full-time staff member. It always reminded me of games played at recess in school. We used to play “washers” or “marbles”.  There were holes dug all over the campus were the washers were tossed.  Wherever there was asphalt or concrete sidewalks, there was a  three or four foot circle drawn in chalk for a friendly game of  marbles. We all had a bag of marbles and a favorite “Taw”(a larger and more colorful marble than the others). The idea was to put 6 of our marbles in the circle and with a thumb from outside the ring, take turns to propel our favorite Taw at a velocity that would  knock others marbles out of the ring. When things do not go to please, folks are prone to shoot out of turn and that simply was a ‘no-no”. There was always the kid who was a champion, winning most of the marbles and someone was a sore loser and in a fit of frustration, “picking up their marbles and going home”. Usually it was the same players. ‘Picking up marbles’ is  pretty common in the senior living community, also.  There is no ‘perfect’ situation, yet we seem to find reason to complain and look for it elsewhere.  Instead of focusing on solutions, we grouch and groan daily until it seems hopeless. Here at the ‘Village’. we are experiencing ‘exodus’. There is a new facility opening (sometime) that has been “Opening Soon” for three years. Some of my neighbors paid a sizable deposit to secure lodging. Rumors of sale and re-sale have come and gone and now it appears new owners are definitely opening and folks are moving. I wish they had focused on making my “Village” better, but since they didn’t, I wish them luck and will probably welcome some back in time.  Some of the “greener grass” could prove to be artificial turf, donchaknow.  GOD bless the children!  That’s what I get from my box of Chocolates.    AMEN


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