My Three Problems

Adrian Rogers’ recent posting hit home with me.  I’ve moaned about loneliness experienced for the first time, here in the Village.  I was awakened with the thought of how that shows that I’ve not allowed MY GOD complete control. As HIS child, Jim Austin will never ‘be alone’.  HE promised to “be with me to the end of time”. Forgive me, LORD. Now, Pastor Rogers hits me with this fact: I only have THREE problems. As a matter of fact, we ALL have only three problems:  sin, sorrow, and death. Sin covers a bunch of reasons. Sorrow includes unhappiness and negativity and death hangs over us all, every second of every day as the inevitable. Our biggest mistake is to surrender to the sin of doubt. Goodness Sakes! Unbelievers live here constantly and for eternity! With JESUS, we have conquered all three!  We must  always be prepared to share the TRUTH of our JOY and ASSURANCE. If anyone cannot know without a doubt, that “It is well with my soul”, because we’ve entered “The Haven of Rest” and “When the Storms of Life are Raging, God is standing by”, then they’d better run to where there’s “Room at the Cross”, donchaknow. We could all stand a bit of assurance from time to time. It’s good to print and paste copies of these three great old Hymns They are on the internet.  That’s what is in My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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