Comfort Zones

People have their own place of comfort. I have favorite sports and teams; I have a favorite cap; I have a favorite coffee cup; I have a favorite pair of shoes; I have a favorite number of television shows; I have a favorite store for shopping; I have a favorite place to find goodies on the internet; I have a favorite news channel;  I have a favorite restaurant for each  of my favorite “eating outs”; I have a favorite list of desserts; I have a favorite list of movies; I have a favorite list of actors; I have a favorite list of authors; I have a favorite scripture and a number of other verses; I have a number of favorite hymns and I have a favorite chair where I worship and I have my own chair in my room — it’s the only chair in the room, donchaknow. All of these are my own business. They cause no problem, at all – until someone tells me that I must change them.  Them’s Fightin’ Words!  I do not wish to become and ‘old’ person, with ‘old’ habits that drag me down into the black hole of loneliness and the rut of hopelessness. It wasn’t entirely my idea to come to an Independent Living facility, but here I am and here I will most likely remain for the rest of this life. I do not want, and will not surrender to the lure of hermitage. I have seen where that leads.  So, I made a mistake thinking I could ‘kick-start’ my new neighbors here at Colonial Village. I had my own idea of how to do it, but my neighbors don’t take to  change too well.  I was told that I could sit in any chair at meal-time, but after being ‘chased’ out of four, I found one for myself. Yes, I am in a rut at breakfast, but I find different chairs at lunch and supper. I thought it a great idea – and so did management – to form a choral group, but I found that NO ONE Sings. (except on “Happy Birthday”).  I did get a group of folks to agree to put on a performance of Old Time Radio. We’re working on an origanal script of a 1950, “Father Knows Best” to be performed at 7 PM on Sunday, May 15 in our dining room. No admission charge! The choral thing is still TBA. Since no one ‘sings’ except “Happy Birthday”, I am tempted to organize the lunch crowd to sing “Happy Birthday to You”, seventeen-hundred- and- seventy- six times on July Fourth. Age will not beat me. As John Paul Jones said,”D–n the torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead”! I’ll never be licked! Gig’em!  It’s OK to be set in some ways, but leave a bit of wiggle-room for change. That’s what I do and that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

2 thoughts on “Comfort Zones

  1. Glory to you my brother! Same with me and my favorites…now a new great grand son Max and grand daughter Melissa. I have so many and think of them (Favorites) all the time, keeps me smilin. You and your thoughts are high on my list. Love to you and yours, Sonny.


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