What have I done to deserve this?  I simply cannot understand why this has to happen to me.  I clean my plate. I pick up after myself(some). I drink plenty water. I take my meds. I am kind to elders.  I attend worship regularly.  I study scripture. I write this blog. I do all the ‘right’ things, yet I sin. Why should things work out when all seems to be falling apart?  Why does GOD work in such wondrous ways meeting my needs. I am nothing but retired.  I really have little in MY SAFE. I don’t even drive, nor have a car to do so in. I live alone.  I can’t hear. I can’t breathe too good. I’m old and sometimes feel like it, but with all this, I am Blessed Beyond Measure. I have done nothing to deserve HIS LOVE, excepting accepting the Greatest Gift Man Can Receive. Therefore is my Whyfore for this wade. I have violated some very specific rules, yet GOD has granted, without reservation, MERCY and GRACE. Glory HeeLawzy!  I’ve come a full circle, donchaknow. I was born in a one-room house and now live in one room. It only took me 85-years to complete this circle and through all the dumb mistakes, through all the arrogance of sin, GOD has provided all my needs.  Why would one so thoroughly blessed, drag around looking like I was smelling up all the bad smells? So here I go! Grandly pacing down the hall to breakfast, walker, oxygen and all, without a care in the world. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. Gig’em. AMEN

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