Atlanta Rabbits

It’s sometimes difficult getting information of the experiences of my neighbors. Most will say, “Not much to talk about worth anything”, but with a bit of silent patience,  comes some good stuff.  One of my breakfast ‘mates’ is James.  He spent a time as a bill collector. He was successful, but didn’t really like his job.  James is not a big man, but he has that innate charm and quiet voice that will lure you into a comfort zone of “O-K County”.  Just this week, James was in a ‘chatty’ mood and revealed that he played basketball (even got a scholarship to Junior College) for the Atlanta Rabbits. When I asked him if he knew Bobby Dodd, his eyes lit up.  Bobby and I vied for the attention of a certain Clarksville beauty at a Baptist summer camp in the late 40’s.  James had a bunch of tales about Bobby and Atlanta High School days. My Mount Pleasant Tigers played Atlanta’s Rabbits once when I was in school and Bobby Dodd proceeded to leave our poor defense in tatters. Now, our breakfast conversation is very healthy and James is verbose. Isn’t it good to learn something new, every day?  Isn’t it good to love your neighbors and share good times? It surely is good for me, donchaknow.  GOD is so good to me.  How can I but share HIS Love?  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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