Genius Yawns

I must not know ‘genius’ when I see it. Prince passed away. Prince was an entertainer, but I couldn’t tell his music from Elton John, who probably is a ‘genius’ also. Purple is one of MY favorite colors, but I do not wish to have the “Arch to the West” nor the Texas Tower, nor AT&T stadium, to be purple when I go HOME. Of course, that wouldn’t happen anyhow, but it’s just to make my point. We have men and women who stand dutifully in defense of our great country and when one of them is killed, we wait until some entertainer dies to cover the death, 24-7. Thousands stand in reverence and some simply stand there just to be part of an event. Even FOX NEWS covers the whole thing. But, why do we carry on over the loss of someone, when someone who dies in defense of our liberty or in the ‘line of duty’ against crime, when a man or woman, clean of uppers and downers, passes, we may put a crawl at the bottom of the page while showing thousands standing around someplace? ‘Tis a Puzzlement. I am saddened when anyone dies, but not just because they die, here. I am saddened to think where they woke up. Even though Prince’s spirit may live in the hearts of millions, it simply doesn’t matter if his soul isn’t with GOD. We pay tribute to men rather than obedience to the ONE who created us, in the first place. I am thankful I can write this for public perusal. The Bible says that my days of doing so are numbered. That’s what I think of the ‘value of genius’ and I Yawn. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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