Poo Is Back!

Ron and Poo are neighbors here at the Village. Past the age of 90, both are very special. Ron walks very slowly, bent over a bit, with a constant scowl. Poo follows him, hold on to a belt loop. Once I got the courage to say, “Hi”, and other than his caustic humor they are quite a bit of fun. His sense of humor may rub some wrong, but to me he is refreshing. I offered the narration part in our July Patriotic Concert Rap, but he has determined it too much. Poo and Ron were our ‘King and Queen of Hearts” this past valentine and recently I saw that Ron was coming to dine alone. I usually wait for the third absence before inquiring, and Ron emotionally said, “Poo is pretty sick”. I knew that was serious. We’ve been praying for Ron and Poo and our prayers have been answered. For the past two days, Ron has come into dine with Poo hanging on. I said,”Ron, you look a lot better”, to which he replied, still with his ‘scowl’, “I know, isn’t it great!”. That’s my Ron and precious Poo (who can’t hear it thunder) just smiles. What a Joy they have brought into my life. What ‘Angels’ GOD has placed in my path. What can be more satisfying than this? Place Ron and Poo on your list, OK? OK! And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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