FATHER Knows Best

While going through some editing of our Old Time Radio script, it jumps out at me in bold letters! “FATHER” does know best. This program was very popular over half-a-century-ago. Robert Young did not necessarily ‘know best’, but was wise enough to leave the details to his wife. Successful on the job, but apt to bungle things around the house, Jim Anderson was always leaving a trail of mistakes that Margaret would calmly clean-up. Most fathers are like that, even today. Perhaps if we had focused on family more, things might have turned out better in the long-run. GOD set a difficult example to follow. GOD never makes a mistake (even though HE made me and many times it appears to have been one). To fail to follow FATHER’s rules always leads to unpleasant consequences with folks walking around, doing the same bad stuff, in a painful state, wondering why. The “WHY” will always be there, but the “HOW” to overcome is the “WHERE” GOD is and “WHEN” we fall on our face in humility and surrender ‘self’, seeking HIS face, then the “WHAT” we’ve needed is the Peace of Faithfulness and Hope. My FATHER know ‘best’, what I need, so I’d best hang around HIS house, donchaknow. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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