I am convinced that the ‘Golden Years’ are the crown jewel of life. The physicality of life decreases and two people orbit around the blissful world of AGAPE. Single folks may certainly “grow old gracefully”, but it is much more thrilling to do it with another person. It may be only holding hands with an occasional ‘hug’. It may be sitting quietly enjoying a pastoral scene with a lake full of big old bass or it may just be glorifying GOD for a beautiful sunset. It may be simply sitting and looking at each other with a grin, knowing just what it means to care for another, totally without reservation. Desire never dies, but more important thoughts will overcome ‘bedroom scenes’ and the really good stuff of life surrounds us like a warm Aggie football blanket, donchaknow. I am so happy for those who know just what I am talking about and pray for all of you, even those who haven’t yet reached this blissful state. I do not believe we grow to old to dream, but the precious memories of a clear heart are so, so thrilling and satisfying. That’s What I Get From My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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