Gone Fishing

I had the privilege of visiting a farm with a beautiful lake just down a slight incline from a long and wide porch.  You have no idea  how much this ole boy misses a beautiful lake with rod-and-reel in hand.  “Christian, Cowboy, Aggie, Angler” describes me. I, of course, invited myself to come out and try my hand at some ‘John Bass’.  Fishing runs in my blood.  My Dad was an avid fisherman, who knew every promising cypress stump where another John Bass was lurking, just waiting for Dad’s “Crippled Minnow”. Edgar A. Guest wrote one of Sam Austin’s favorite poems, one of the verses was posted near his shaving mirror:

“A feller’s glad to be a friend, Out Fishin’.  A helpin’ hand he’ll always lend. Out Fishin’. The brotherhood of rod and line an’ sky and stream is always fine, Men come real close to GOD’s design. Out Fishin’.”

JESUS CHRIST was a Fisherman.  He left instruction to do so, even for fish.  As I sat there, anticipating a ‘brotherhood of rod and line’, I got close to GOD and an urge to live HIS DESIGN.  If I catch John Bass, you know I will share proof, ri’chere!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN








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