To Die For

There is a great old Hymn, “Living For JESUS” that most have never heard. (bummer) It says what OUR LORD said when asked what one must do to follow HIM. It also says a bit about ‘dying’. Dying doesn’t frighten me. I have lived a wonderfully blessed life here on earth, but “HeeLawzy”, am I gonna have a “Wonderful Time UP THERE”. One thing that I get chill bumps about is that I won’t have to beg anyone to join me in a “Hallelujah Chorus”, donchaknow. GOD placed me on this earth to “Live For Him”. GOD sent HIS SON so that I can do it. GOD will provide all my needs and that includes the necessary courage to not only LIVE for HIM, but the strength to face death with a smile on my face.That may sound arrogant and melodramitc, but that’s what I know and since I am at the age of ‘respect’, I can say whatever I long as it isn’t TACKY! JESUS talked about laying down my life for another. Isn’t surrendering to HIS WILL while living here just about the same? “Tis NO puzzlement to me.

I need to send a personal message to the SFA Class of ’59: “I will be unable to attend your reunion this month. I have obligated myself to a special performance by Colonial Village residents presenting the orginal script from a 1950 radio broadcast of “Father Knows Best”, around May 15 here at our Home. I also lost my driver, so it all worked out. I will send a video “Howdy”, instead. I Love You All and “May the LORD bless you and keep you”. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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