It’s the Simple Thing



Some of you may recall, “Little Things Mean a Lot” by Theresa Brewer. I live in anticipation of what the next moment will bring and find joy in recalling good times.   I think about a few, deeply devoted, friends.  There was Tippie and Rowdy(WeeWee) and Heidi and Paladin and Thor and Brewster and Muffet and Hollie and Lacey and Prince and Keisha and MAX..and then Miss MattieT.  What a HOOT these friends have been!  What joy they brought into my life, but now, MissMattieT continues to bring joy to another home. My daughter, borrowed Mattie until I could get settled in. (Mattie was the perfect companion from the time I left North Carolina, but she ‘upset’ my neighbor by barking, so it was good that she went for a visit) and It wasn’t too long until my daughter hinted around that Mattie was “Sooo Happy” at her house. I couldn’t walk her properly so I agreed to let them keep her. My two grandchildren love her and their cats tolerate her, but Jeanie has fallen in love with her and is a bit jealous because Alan seems to have placed a “Private Pet” label on her. It wasn’t long before there were items of furniture placed like stairsteps to ‘his’ side of the bed. As you can see, here is proof of the ‘cozy couple’. (Forgive her “X-rated” pose), but you get the picture. Yes, some things mean so much when they are given unselfishly…sorta like that given by My LORD JESUS CHRIST. Not so little, that!  And yet, there is room.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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