I’m a Poor Lonesome Cowboy (fan)

It is good to be back home, again.  The only sadness I feel is for the loss of good friends of yore and my Dallas Cowboys.  It thrills my soul soul to know of the natural birth of a precious baby, but the greatest thrill is the spiritual birth of new creation. I get chill bumps then, but there is a tingly thrill when my ‘Boys in Big “D”‘ hang the most numbers on the scoreboard.  As a red-blooded-Texas Aggie, I’ve enjoyed recent “Gig’em’s”, that’s for sure, but more often than not, I sit emotionally drained and dismal on NFL Sunday. My son and I are bonded each game. He has made it possible for me to watch every one of them for the past few years, but, unless they start winning again, I think I’ll stick to my Philadelphia Soul Arena team, coached by a good friend. Now, I’ve probably deeply disappointed football purists, but the AFL is just my cup of tea. At my age, slow results are frustrating since I need them fast (before called HOME, donchaknow). The Soul can put up over sixty points in four short quarters and since I love a good passing game, that’s a HOOT!  A bunch of years ago I was privileged to direct a fine male chorus of Lamar Junior High youngsters (among them was my boy).  Those little guys could sing!  Two of my favorites were “John Henry” and “I’m a Poor Lonesome Cowboy”.  This last song has been my theme song for too long!  Maybe it’s good that I only have ROKU television channels now ’cause now I can focus on GOD’s GAME in worship fellowship and catch the box score of the boys with the blue star on their helmet on Mondays.  You know, when I think of it…being lonesome when My LORD is with me is illicit.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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