Untapped Power


“…ye have not, because ye ask not.” – James 4:2

There is a favorite praise chorus that opens with “I Love You LORD…”.  Today I release my pitiful dark cloud of loneliness and allow GOD to blow it away. My re-arrangement of my chorus goes, “Forgive me LORD, in my helpless state, my wallow here, now, I must negate. And with your help, I shall overcome. May I never, not again, to it succumb”  What impact James 4:2 has on my life today. I am appalled at my weakness and total dependence on my futile  attempt at moving the dark cloud in my own strength. Aren’t we all a prime example of “DUHbness?”  We meet an obstacle and dwell there. No road service can provide passage. It’s not like a call to AAA for emergency service. We (I) stew and feel so very put-upon. I share my distress as if I were the only needy one. I’ve even quoted another of my most favorite songs, “Never Alone”, and I still sit here in a quiver.  “…ye have not, because ye ask not!” (the exclamation mark is my own) is quietly offered by a Mighty GOD and my dilemma is so loud, I can’t hear HIM. “When Will I EVER Learn?”  ‘Tis a Puzzlement!  Dear FATHER, forgive my moments of ‘self’ and look to YOU for a glimpse of the most important things.” That’s what i get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

One thought on “Untapped Power

  1. God Bless you my brother. We love you and miss you. Having a great time with Brian, Catalina, Melissa and our new little Murphy Max. Sonny


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