And the “NO’s” Have It!

Not everyone will buy what you’re selling. Successful salesmen understand that and keep presenting. Even our LORD was turned down and is still ignored. If the Master Teacher, GOD in the flesh, couldn’t convince everyone while they witnessed all the things HE did, why would we expect anything else? Just because the ‘Nays’ may be the loudest when the Gospel is presented, I believe the the ‘Yays’ win in the long run. That’s what I believe and that’s what I know, but it’s still tough to accept. My music for our Patriotic special is trickling in and my Chorale gathered yesterday just to get acquainted and listen to the score. I had invited numerous and during our mid-day meal, during the singing of “Happy Birthday”, voices filled the room. When we gathered for rehearsal, it was obvious the the ‘Nays’ had won at my invitation. I told the group gathered, “Perhaps we should wrap our presentation in red, white and blue bunting and repeat “Happy Birthday” 1776 times in a singalong. I have decided to open the invitation to everyone who can read-out-loud. I shall call it VillageVoices and describe each performance as “Rythmic Recitation with Orchestral Accompaniment” and bill us as “Concert Rappers”. Maybe some voices may evolve into ‘singing’. You never know. I believe to refuse to lift our voices in praise to GOD is so foolish. Even the rocks will do so…one day, donchaknow. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.      AMEN

One thought on “And the “NO’s” Have It!

  1. Mr. Austin,
    would you mind if I used some of your blog as fillers in our (St. Anthony Catholic Church, Bryan, Texas) weekly bulletin?


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