Poor as Dirt, yet Very Well Off

My wallet is empty, but I am from a wealthy family. I will not leave a huge inheritance, yet I will enjoy an eternal one.  You see, My FATHER is very well off.  His Real Estate includes the Universe.  HE is ‘cleanly’ rich. I was not born this way, not at first. I chose to join this joyous family at an early age.  I have squandered my blessing, yet every time I decided to return, My FATHER was waiting with open arms and it was as if I had never strayed.  Standing next to HIM was HIS SON.  HE was the reason for my forgiveness and assurance of my inheritance.  I couldn’t earn it.  I am totally unworthy of it.  I couldn’t afford the cost, but HE paid the balance, in full – all at once and once and for all.  There will be a bunch of us seated at HIS table, yet, right now,  there are many more empty chairs aroundit. Our FAMILY FEAST will be served around a table in the shape of a CROSS. My FATHER sits at the top; MY SAVIOR sits on at the head of the right crosspiece and the HOLY SPIRIT sits at the head of the left crosspiece. We will enjoy a bounty of exuberant praise of HIS HOLY NAME. I do not have the slightest clue as to when I will join my eternal family, but I plan to be ready. As a matter of fact, I AM ready.  Are YOU ready?  Have you been to the CROSS and laid your heavy, gross sack of sin down?  Have you felt the glow of HIS LOVE and Forgiveness? Well, if not,WHY NOT? I can assure you that you will not enjoy the “Hot Time in the Old Town” tonight or any other time, donchaknow. Your inheritance is just a simple prayer away. Tell JESUS that you are a sinner and that you believe HIM to be the SON of GOD, born of a virgin and blameless, yet HE died for your sin and rose again in victory over death. Tell HIM that you repent and turn from wickedness with the strength of the saved and accept HIS invitation to join HIM in Glory, one day. If you do this and mean it, you have a seat at our table. Welcome HOME!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN


One thought on “Poor as Dirt, yet Very Well Off

  1. Amen, Jim! I appreciate your humility in how you don’t lord your salvation over those who haven’t yet “come to the table.” Not one of us deserves to be seated there. Oh, what grace He has given us! We love You and thank You, Father, and Your beautiful Son, who is forever praised!!

    God’s blessings to you, Jim. Love in Christ,



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