Not So Fast

After all that planning, it is amazing how fast your mind changes when costs enter the picture. I’ve not changed my entertainment package at all.  By the time the local cable company added up the cost of installation and monthly rate, it became very obvious that I now am getting what most fits my budget…not my wants…but my needs. My total for all Sports and what-all with DirecTV was less than what my local cable provider offers. I paid a bunch of money to have my phone/internet installed and they want that same amount again to simply hook up a box. Ridiculous, donchaknow. That will send me to the Bingo games here at the village. I’ll show them. I may also help Bill our Country Store keeper during the few hours it is open here. After all, it’s just across the hall from ‘Xtravaganza’ (what I know call Suite 140) sounds much more exotic. If anyone asks, “Are We Having Fun, Yet?, just give them a GigEm!” That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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