The Hairpin Turn in Learning


After all the wonderful experiences and a few successes, I still ‘stick my foot in it’!  Just the other day our Bingo game was delayed because our ‘caller’ was busy doing something elsewhere. One of our managers, Joe, was helping clear tables after lunch.  I saw him as I walked by. He was to call our afternoon game. After the clock moved past the fifteen-minute mark the “Big I” walked over to the table to start the game. BAD MOVE! The twenty-or-so neighbors did everything but throw me out. “NO!, you can’t do that! That’s not what we do here. Go sit down!” (That from one of my fellow Ambassadors, Lynda)  So I ‘went and sat down’. I have done things like that all my life and by now I should have learned!  The theme song of my life could be, “I Can Do Anything You Can Do, Better”. Fortunately, memory of current happenings seem to slip away from older minds and we are more forgiving.  As I quietly returned to my seat, Joe walked in and the whole thing moved along. As I returned to my efficiency, I recalled the night I thought I would join in a ‘sing-along’ around a piano in Caesar’s Palace in Vegas. Others were breaking out with a song and the talented pianist would take off with them. I ‘burst out’ with the first line of “Almost Like Being in Love” and he simply sat there. “I do not recall that number”, he said. I wished I hadn’t.  So, even with all the good things that have blessed my life, it seems I have a bit more to learn. Thank GOD for the cognizance to know that, donchaknow. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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