The Snarl of Television Choice

Here in my suite, other than my blog, my ‘adult’ coloring book, my 1/48 WW II model planes Ambassadorship, dominos and scheduling my Chorale and Old Time Radio rehearsals, I depend on my TV for news and entertainment. I chose a SmartTV and Roku as my basic source and it is good for old movies, but NewFlix is my favorite. I have an Antenna connection, but it stinks. Therefore, my dilemma….. By the time I include CBS, ABC, NBC, SLING for cable repeats and ESPN, my bill gets very near what basic Longview cable would cost. I already have phone/internet with them, so I’ can simplify my problem by utilizing their service. Unfortunately, Colonial Village does not provide anything other than an access point in my efficiency, so there is a cost. My initial goal was to cut down on cost from DirecTV, but by the time I ‘ad-on’, it’s about the same, besides, I miss my daily FOX NEWS fix of Charles Krauthammer. It will require a bit of ‘paring’ (like a plastic model kit every 60-days) to stay within my household budget, but it will be worth it, donchaknow. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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