The Wrong Seat

Our Dining Room here in Colonial Village is large. It must accommodate over one-hundred diners , at least four-to-a-table.  When I arrived, each table was numbered and even though I was told it was “open seating”, I soon discovered  tweren’t so.  Even though we are encouraged to join other residents at meal-time it just doesn’t happen.  Breakfast is very good, but there are just a few neighbors who eat in the dining room. Many have their meals delivered, but even then, the diners are few.  Lunch is the big meal and that’s when a new person will be met with “You Can’t Sit There”.  I’ve enjoyed breakfast with the same three men since the first day. At least two are the originals, Don is new and has taken the place of James I. Breakfast is enjoyed with Tom, James II, Don and myself. Then at Lunch, I enjoy a great meal with Don and Tom, joined by Lou and Art. We’ve been eating at the same table for a while and are on our best behavior around our lady, Lou. Don, Art and I are usually the only ones partaking of the evening meal. As an Ambassador, I try to be attentive to new arrivals and attempt to steer them away from tables that are ‘claimed’. It saves some feelings, especially when many of the old-timers are not the nicest when dealing with new-comers. Even at that, there are some couples who have been ‘chased’ away more than once. An empty chair does not a seat make, donchaknow. We get intolerant with age. I pray that I can resist, even though it be comfortable to dine with the same friends. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

2 thoughts on “The Wrong Seat

  1. Absolutely true! My Mama goes through the exact same thing at her assisted living facility. It’s like ‘your pew’ at church!


  2. You have such a great attitude, as usual, Mr. A! I remember commenting to you earlier that, in my experience with my mother in assisted living, it was Junior High revisited! Well, this is what I was referring to! When I would hear Mother’s dining room tales, the daughter became the “mother” and I wanted to go beat those mean girls up! Bless you for protecting the newbies! I know you are a bright light in Colonial Village!


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