Goin’ Home

I am living proof that you can ‘go home’ again. Home has meant a bunch of addresses in various cities, but it all began just about an hour’s drive north from where I live now. I’ve hanged my hat all over the place. I count 17, not including the 4-year tour from coast-to-coast. Now, here in Colonial Village, Longview, Texas, I plan to stay. I will go visit some, but for the most part, Apartment 140 is my final stop. I am excited to have plans to travel to Bryan one more time. In April, I hope to visit with a bunch of my first choir members at SFA, when they gather for their 57th Reunion. (They say it’s their 75th, but that’s probably their chronological age, donchaknow). This group of folks was actually Carl Best’s choir. He had done the preparation and I benefited. It will be interesting to see how many can make the event and how many recall that year in the ‘dungeon’ of SFA. I’ve heard from some and really look forward to seeing them again. As I recall, the Class of ’59 was outstanding and respectful. It was a difficult adjustment for those singers..from a Master Musician to me. It was simply a blessing for me. It was from that introduction, that I learned to love my job. I have shared that teaching was my reason for living. Even today, I still look for ways to share the truth as I know it, for the edification of the body. I make mistakes and get ahead of myself, but am trying to slow down and ‘wait’. That is the difficult part since I am a prone to be impatient and desire to get the ‘gettin’ on’. We are now beginning to rehearse a choral reading of one of the first radio broadcasts of “Father Knows Best” from 1950. I have a great cast of neighbors who have had very little experience, but a bunch of desire. TBA. If any of my 1959 choir is reading this, please make an effort to join us on April 28th. It will be a HOOT! I love to tell that story. It’s as heart-warming as the one about JESUS and HIS Love. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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