The Inch Worm

Back in 1959, we had the privilege of taking the SFA A Cappella choir to New York City representing Texas’ Rotarians as official Texas Ambassadors to their national convention. I have shared all the hurdles we had to jump in order to appear with Dave Garroway on NBC’s “Today”. One of the songs we sang (without accompaniment) was “Inch Worm”. The lyrics of that beautiful composition are not necessarily true today. Not with “Core Curriculum” as practiced in many public schools. The first line of “Inch Worm” says, “Two and Two are Four, Four and Four are Eight, Eight and Eight are Sixteen, Sixteen and Sixteen are Thirty-two”. As I understand it, Core Curriculum has no ‘absolute’. Two and Two can be Nine if the student truly believes it to be. It all depends on his or her opinion, not on common sense. I am so glad that I was taught absolutes, aren’t you? I am so glad I was taught ‘right from wrong’. I am so glad that I was taught to have Faith as a personal choice. I am so glad that Mattie and Sam Austin brought me up in the way I should go and even though I traveled some wrong roads, I have returned to the right one. I am so glad that my Heavenly Father, GOD, has allowed me to make the right choice by gentle bumps. I am so blessed to know JESUS personally and through it all, have come to the realization that there is ONE TRUTH and that truth is revealed in GOD’s WORD. I am so glad that GOD created the Inch Worm, aren’t you? That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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