Thinking a bit Tacky

My Longview Doctor has me on a blood-pressure-home-daily machine. I usually take my daily around 7AM, but the other day I hadn’t done so and there was a lady’s voice that said, “Time to take your blood pressure”! I will do so at the right time from now on. I watched the NCAA tournament and note that my Aggies and my daughter’s nephew’s team (Cornhuskers) are advancing. I am convinced that my blood-pressure skyrockets when I watch sporting events, so since I have a pressure-taker, I am going to take it during the next Aggie game. I bet it goes stratospheric and sets off a bunch of response at the results terminal of the Home Health folks. Perhaps I should warn them of my experiment, but probably not. However the results may trigger emergency reponse and that would cause a bunch of neighbors’ blood pressure to peak alarmingly and that could be bad, donchaknow. So, I will probably not do the experiment, but am sure my blood-pressure will shoot up, regardless. I apologize to my very nice home health folk. They do not deserve a foolish prank. What is most concerning is that I even thought about doing it. I’d best get a model plane to construct since I’ve too much time on my hands. I bought an adult coloring book and it’s interesting, but little use since the colored pencils don’t have the color printed on them. Color blindness is a bummer! I may just color the silly thing anyhow. It’s supposed to be ‘restful’, donchaknow. I just wont put it on public display. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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