Peace, Be Still

Colonial Village is a great place to keep one busy.  There are over 100 rooms and in each one is a unique individual. I’ve met some very interesting characters, but unfortunately there are many who never leave their apartments.  If they do not have kitchens, their food is delivered each day.  I understand the temptation to just sit and stare.  I can’t do that, but I do understand why some can.  Being totally alone can become a way of life. I find it the most unsettling part of Independent Living.  I spent the past few years all alone with two pups each day, but only for a few  hours. The other time was spent with the company of another.  Making that adjustment is not one that I would wish on anyone. Herein lies the trap.  Being all alone can bring about much more than loneliness. It can become habit-forming as a type of hopelessness. There are people here to whom you speak and it seems to surprise them that they are noticed. That is sad. That is not good and that is what I want to change.  That keeps me going and makes for joy in attempting to do something that makes another feel good and wanted.  What is difficult for me is to do what GOD would have me do and not take off without listening first.  My problem is that I think I know what will be a good idea simply because I think it so. Now, I am slowing down to reconsider and listen.  GOD is my pilot. HE sits in the left-side cockpit seat. I sit to HIS right and do as HE requests, not before, but after HE requests.  Perhaps things are not going as you wish today – well, join the club and join me in stopping, standing quietly still and listening. Shhhhhhh! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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