Welcome Home, Native Son

Welcome Home

I went to the DMV here in Longview today. I had done research on the internet as to just what I needed to have my Texas Identification Card made. I had to wait until I had two utility bills that showed me to be at Colonial Village and with those, my current North Carolina ID and my Social Security card, I dropped in during the noon-hour just as suggested. I was immediately asked to approach and with my proof inhand, I requested a Texas ID. The lady gave me a four page form with yellow highlites and said, “I need proof of residence like two current utility bills; your current ID, your Social Security Card and birth certificate.” “Birth certificate?”. I have one someplace, but it wasn’t on the list I checked. I said, “Why would I need a birth certificate with all these other documents?” “Go back home and bring one with this form completed”, she said.. Rather than respond as I would have liked, I thanked her and left. I really do not need a Texas ID since I already have a bank account and do not drive nor plan to apply for a job. So, here I am – a man at home without any proof of who I am. Does that make me an ‘alien’? ‘Tis a puzzlement. That’s what I get from my Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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