His Weather was Always Fair

Troy Dungan and his bow ties were television icons for years. I am privileged to be called his friend.  Troy and I go back to black-and-white-one-camera-days at KBTX, Channel 3 in Bryan.  He and his dear wife are sweet, sweet friends and I am pleased to share his comment with you.

“Here is something I would love for you to share with your waterwader family.
My book Jesus Makes Salsa by the Seashore was released in January and is now available onamazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and westbowpress.com

You may know that for the last eight years I was at WFAA-TV, (with management’s blessing) I led a weekly Bible study in the main conference room at the station. Through a circuitous set of circumstances I adapted 52 of those studies that I wrote into this book. Most of the studies have a humorous “hook” (as you can surmise by the title). But they are all serious studies with specific applications for the reader.

If you would like to tell your online family about it, here’s a suggestion. If one searches Jesus Makes Salsa by the Seashore on amazon.com, the title page has a “Look Inside” feature that lets you read the Foreword, Preface, and the first two and a half chapters. Paperback orders generally have a less than two week turnaround. The less expensive download is, of course, instant.

Thanks for any exposure you might be able to give me on this, dear friend.

God bless,

Troy D.”

That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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