I’ve told you that Dr. David C. Brown once preached a sermon about the dates on a tombstone and the ‘hyphen’ between them.  He said, “That’s the length of a life, simply that little hyphen”. I was much younger than and was simply impressed with his intelligence.  Today, Dr. Brown’s words carry a much greater impact.  All of us are closer to the end of our hyphen than we want to be, unless for Children of My Heavenly Father, my hyphen will never end, just change in form, donchaknow. I thought thios to be a fitting follow-up on yesterday’s wade. Colonial Village is in an area that is inundated with all types of senior living facilities and from our Independent Living facility, there are a number of Assisted Living and Extended Care homes.  I just lost a good friend to one last week.  Moving into yet another home doesn’t mean the end, but somehow it whispers that that end is a bit closer. Do you hear the whisper?  You should, ’cause you are much closer than when we began this visit. As I have quoted before, the Boy Scouts have a great motto: “Be Prepared”.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

One thought on “The HYPHEN

  1. Boy, that’s sure the truth, Jim. And age doesn’t matter. A 20 year old may be closer to the end of his hyphen than you are, and be blissfully unaware of it. “Be prepared” indeed! God bless you, my friend.



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