Old Time Radio


There are some things that we should never forget about.  The first that comes to mind was the “rule” that folks slept in twin beds in every bedroom scene.  Every ‘love’ scene faded to black. Those days were respectful days, when there was privacy and respect for privacy.  Here at Colonial Village, we are preparing to do a series of “choral readings” of original scripts from radio and television programs, just as they would have been done in a radio audience. We will stage the show just as was done then. our ‘cast’ will read from a script with theme and sound effects. The audience will be seated as if in the broadcast studio. Our first production is now in rehearsal. Our script is the orginal one from a June, 1950 broadcast of “Father Knows Best”, however our ‘Father’ isn’t Robert Young, ours is Robert Chappell. So, along with our preparation for a Choral Patriotic Celebration, our Village Thespians will present “Father Knows Best” soon.  It’s our way of keeping the marvelous history of radio alive.  More as performance time nears.  If by now you do not realize just how much I love my Village, well ‘stay tuned’.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

3 thoughts on “Old Time Radio

  1. I am so glad that you are happy in your new home. I know that getting involved is the key, and you sure have gotten involved! It sounds like you are getting the other residents involved as well, which is a great thing. Keep it up!


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