East Texas Weather

With the exception of trips to the doctor or Walmart, I don’t get out much. When my daughter comes we may go to the bank and Walmart, but there’s enough to do inside the Village to keep me occupied. That’s good today, since we are enjoying thunder and a bunch of rain. Flood warnings and some damaging wind warnings keep us involved, but here again, there’s nothing we can do to change it. Longtime residents just glance out the dining room windows and sigh. This adjustment period has raised my blood pressure and my doctor has prescribed daily monitoring with my own measuring device and two visits by a nurse each week for the month.  I never thought I would need “home care”, but it’s fine since it seems necessary.  I have neighbors going through much more serious sessions.
Gully washers must be the norm in Longview. I did my laundry yesterday and that was interesting. Our washing machines “sense” our clothes before beginning. I was told that it was ‘measuring’ the load and adjusting the water level. HeeeLawZee!  Our forecast is for at least 10-inches of rain this week.  We have received just over three as of now.  Today, the prospects of our radio drama,”Father Knows Best” will read for us.  Our music packs haven’t come in, so we will await our first full rehearsal of our July Fourth concert.  You can get news of the hustle and bustle of Colonial Village at our new site, http://www.villagevoice.com.  It is filled with exciting news of events and such as well as another “Meet Your Neighbor”.  It will leave you breathless, donchaknow.  I love my Efficiency Apartment and my  family of “Villagers”.  I can’t wait until we begin preparing for our productions.  I anticipate another great breakfast by Chef Blaise and Sous Chef Maxine and another possible chat with a neighbor. GOD is SO GOOD. HE knows just what I need!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.       AMEN

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