Be Prepared by Faith

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.

NIV 1 Corinthians 16:13

If you have ever been confronted with “superior intelligence”, it can be most unsettling. The lost sometimes think themselves much smarter than the average person. I recently had an extended conversation with a man whose intellect I hold in high regard. He had witnessed a theological conversation with a Saudi Prince a few years ago and I sensed a deep interest as the Prince and I discussed our religious differences. I could tell this man was interested in our conversation, but it wasn’t until this past Thanksgiving that we had an in depth discussion. This was the first time I have ever had someone who not only thought the Bible to be fiction, but also considered himself as “god”. Once he declared that, there was no reason to discuss it further. When one takes the position that the Bible is only interesting reading, uninspired by a Supreme Being, and then goes further to expound the belief that ‘he-himself’ is god, you can only pray. We are instructed to not tremble when coming face-to-face with unbelief, yet we are not instructed to get into an argument either. It is difficult to be gentle and loving but that’s what our LORD would do and that’s our pattern of behavior. Here in Colonial Village, all are much closer to meeting our Maker than most. Serious discussions abound and most of them fall in line with scripture, but there are a few who have totally different positions and there again, all I can do is pray for them. After all, they have had decades of influence that results in opinions that are not ‘biblical’, donchaknow.

I believe GOD and HIS WORD! (exclamation point). That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

2 thoughts on “Be Prepared by Faith

  1. Unfortunately, most of us assume that those who have been around a long time are closer to meeting their maker than those who haven’t been around so long. Ultimately, though, no one of us, regardless of age, is more than a heartbeat away from meeting our maker. This applies to all of us, all the time. One heartbeat! Now the question is: What will I do/where will I be when that last heartbeat is done? No one can answer that question for anyone else, only for themselves. We pray that all have answered it affirmatively for GOD’s love and grace!

    A good friend, long deceased, often quoted, “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver, the other is Gold!”

    She also quoted, “Life is like a checkbook: Yesterday is a cancelled check. Tomorrow is a promissory note you may not live to collect. Today is cash in hand. Use it wisely!”


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