375th Wade

We have waded this water 375 times today.  We had 4039 views up until today. 1049 made a visit and the most to visit at one time was on July 24, 2015. By my calculations, the first ‘wade’ was on February 25, 2015. I had a “Family Circle” of emails that began long before that. I now have added a “Howdy, Neighbor” blog for my friends here at Colonial Village. I’ve not received full approval as of yet, but will probably post it just for fun.  It isn’t intended to be critical, but perhaps offer opportunity of residents to share their stories. I just had a nice visit with a lady who has been a resident for five years.  She lost her husband and moved into Colonial Village about the same time.  Her story is interesting and rather exciting. She was an employee of Trans World Airlines for over twenty years, he had his own Independent Insurance Agency for over forty years. When he sold his agency, he convinced her to buy a boat. It was a 32-foot schooner that slept 6. They spent some memorable months sailing around the world. Her only regret was the cost of running and maintaining the vessel. Another of our residents owned a number of service stations in and around Longview. These are neighbors who have had a great life and who now reside in one-or-two room apartments with three meals a day and maid service.  Unfortunately some do not leave their apartments, even for meals.  Our kitchen staff takes meals to them daily.  The first day I walked in, I could see that there could be some things that would bring excitement and reason to live back into their lives.  So, aside from wading in this water, I have begun to organize a chorale to perform in July and December. We are also planning a special drama group to do original scripts of radio dramas of the fifties.  Our first look and listen will be this week when we read the original script of a 1950 “Father Knows Best”. It should be a HOOT to find one of our ‘elders’ playing teen agers, donchaknow. Why not?  Youngsters have  been playing ‘grown ups’ for years. I pray it will result in some great fun and bring a bit of joy into our lives.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

2 thoughts on “375th Wade

  1. I love this, Jim! This is how the kingdom of God is supposed to work! God’s children are dispersed around the world, bringing His kingdom with them. Goodness and mercy follow them wherever they go. Amen? Amen! God bless you, my friend.

    Don Hill


  2. Sounds Great!!can’t wait to hear and see?DVD? or better yet start your own AM TV show. Talk to the Donald…MO MONEY…Keep up the Joyful Work…Love Sonny and JUdy


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