Tracy always had to be Gene Autry

I lived on Arkansas Street when I was a youngster.  I had a friend who lived across the street who loved to play ‘cowboys’ and things went well as long as Tracy could be Gene Autry.  I never argued with him until I got my Official Gene Autry Gun and Holster set.  I couldn’t see him being Gene when he didn’t have a Gene Autry Gun and Holster. Tracy was a bit tongue-tied until he got mad.  When we had our disagreement about playing Gene Autry he sure did speak loud and clear.  The Traylors moved soon after that and a family of girls moved in.  That ended my days playing cowboy of any kind.  I still wore my Gene Autry Gun and Holster Set and even added a Gene Autry authentic cowboy hat, but things were never the same without Tracy.  I’ve sometimes wondered about him, wondering just where he went and if he got to play Gene Autry, even without the official Gene Autry Gun and Holster set. I later got an Official Roy Rogers Gun and Holster set, but it somehow didn’t match up to the one by Gene.  The only advantage Roy had over Gene was Dale, and the Sons of the Pioneers. And even though Gene had Champion  The Wonder Horse; he didn’t  have a german shepherd named Bullet, a pretty wife like Dale and a horse that did tricks like Trigger.  Those were “Happy Trails Back in the Saddle” days, donchaknow.  Guns were not a problem since people respected life.  We’ve taken too many wrong trails and gotten what we deserve.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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