From One Room to Another

On February 7, 1931, in a one-room house in Mount Pleasant, Texas, I entered this world and on February 7, 2016, I entered one room at Colonial Village in Longview, Texas.  It is strange the way GOD works in our lives.  An eighty-five year journey that pretty well covered the U. S., has brought experience in various careers and two sets of step-kin.  I’ve made some terrible mistakes and owned up to them.  I’ve asked forgiveness to folks and to my Heavenly Father.  I’ve made certain that all those mistakes and sins are covered by my Faith in My Lord Jesus Christ. Through HIS Mercy and Grace, I’ve been forgiven, but there are some folks left behind who simply couldn’t do so.  For that I am indeed regretful.  You know, I understand how difficult it is to forgive and forget, but the difficulty lies within our inability to do so.  It boils right down to ‘judgement’ and JESUS has explained, very clearly, that judgement must be left up to GOD.  I rely on the lyrics of GOD-inspired hymn a lot and there is one you probably have never heard.  Here is what “I Surrender All” by William MacDowell says:

“All to Jesus, I surrender.  All to Him I daily give. I will ever love and trust Him; in His presence, daily live.  I surrender All.  I surrender All.  All to Thee,  my precious Savior, I surrender All.”

“ALL” means everything, donchaknow.  All includes worry, hate, sinful thoughts, sinful acts and animosity or fault toward others. It is not easy, but ‘forgive and forget’ is possible “In JESUS”.  From my one room in Colonial Village, Longview, Texas, that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN



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