Discomfort Dismissed

I realize the revelation of past mistakes and ‘the lifting of the shade’ in Waterwadings may cause discomfort. It isn’t easy to write, so it must be the same to read.  There will be some who will read once and turn me off.  I expect that. Revelation can result in loss of freinds and associates.  But for those of you who gain from my wanderings, I can only Praise GOD. “Telling All” has no value unless it teaches principle.  One man’s experience in the valley of life can only lift another if it is intended to be an important lesson.  Waterwader is my ministry.  The study of GOD’s Word and the application of those truths would have saved a bunch of misery for me and those whom I love and I love a bunch, donchaknow. I suffer from depression (having been diagnosed as Bi-Polar) and thus take daily meds.  I can only tell the difference when I meet opposition or a rough time.  It’s like I expect the whole thing and accept the whole thing and can survive the whole thing since the whole thing is nothing through the eyes of GOD. The Bible tells us exactly what GOD sees, donchaknow. GOD is never surprised!  Never!  The Faithful Fear Nothing But GOD’s Judgement, but Never Worry About It. The Faithful have the Assurance of just what is around the corner and are guaranteed Safe Passage as Needed.  All of my life, I have known all this, but it took me almost all of it to internalize what I knew.  Please, don’t make the same mistake. “Trust and Obey”.  If we never step out on Faith, then we shouldn ‘t have stepped at all. That’s what I get in My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN


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