My Trip to Walmart

I rode the village bus yesterday. There were eight of us all prepared to do our weekly shopping..  At least seven were shopping. I was going to have my new, wonderful, hearing aids adjusted. The right one isn’t as comfortable as the left. We arrived just at 9am and our bus was to return in an hour. As I walked into the store I realized that my destination should have been Sam’s Club and not Walmart!  Sam’s was just adjacent to this store, but  was open for business or special shoppers until 10, so I took a scooter ride around Walmart. Now, that’s a thrill, donchaknow.  I thought I would take a chance at Sam’s, so I returned scooter and walked the short to Sam’s. As I neared that entrance, I thought, “Austin, you are not even a member!”. The friendly greeter smiled when I told her that I was only going to visit the Hearing Center. “Well”, she said,”you’ll have to wait until tomorrow. The center is only open Tuesday through Saturday.”  I asked if I could simply ‘visit’ and was directed to the Customer Service desk for permission. When my daughter was purchasing our aids just a week ago, there was a bit of confusion over her card, which was patiently worked out after nearly an hour. I reintroduced myself to the ladies behind the counter, but it was the wrong ‘ladies’. They were kind enough to place a ‘vistor’ sign on my cart. I rode around Sam’s for nearly an hour and was so discombobulated, I didn’t even buy creamer!  I walked back to Walmart to be greeted by my neighbors with bags of stuff. When asked why I didn’t have bags of stuff, I simply said, “They were out”.  Thankfully, no follow-up questions were asked. Today, I will call my friendly fellow at Sam’s and have him drop by to make the adjustment (He makes house-calls).  GOD must have had a great laugh when Sam Walton opened the doors to his first store in Benton, Arkansas. HE knew of my “Trip to Walmart” and provided the patience to persevere, donchaknow.  Glory Hallaluia!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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