A Person of Interest

I think this to be an extremely interesting subject.  It is a pablum-like description used by law enforcement.  It doesn’t call someone a ‘suspect’, but it might as well.  Innuendo is injurious.  The slightest suggestion is all that is necessary to ruin one’s reputation. If you have been the victim of ‘identity theft’, you know how it feels to be forced to prove who ‘you’ are when someone has taken advantage by ‘claiming’ to be you. I have a person of interest who is still somewhere out there, attempting to use my identity to steal and cheat. I have a file that fills an expanded file-folder that represents months of effort to prove who I am when the POI simply used my personal identity to open bank accounts all over. This same person has been successful in using ‘me’ to have satellite television installed in two more cities since the first near-disastrous attempt.It would be easy to truly despise this man, but he, like others who perpetrate crime on innocents, will pay a most severe price, unless he does what my ‘Most Special Person of Interest’ teaches.  I pray for those who find it satisfying to take what is not theirs. I pray for those who have no conviction and regret. GOD has said that HE is the Judge and for me to leave it up to HIM.  Now, that describes my most special POI, donchaknow. There’s an old country song that says it very well. “Please release me, let me go”.  When animositiy and feeling the need for revenge or ‘getting even’, comes along, I can sing that simple phrase and all of that garbage lifts and never falls back. My “Special Person of Interest” takes care of it and that’s that. Praise GOD, HE never fails!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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