A bit of a brag, if you please

Thankful is a permanent state of mind for me.  I do not deserve the wonders of GOD’s GRACE and blessings.  I am totally undeserving of it all.  For those of you with whom I ‘performed’, Thank You!  For those of you who have blessed my life with your unlimited, unending friendship, I am humbly grateful. For my entire family, natural and extended, what a Joy you have been in my life. For my children and their children, I thank a Loving GOD every minute of every day.   Now, comes the ‘bragging bit’:  GOD couldn’t have presented me with a greater bevy of beautiful babies!  All grown and contributing greatly to society,  my “Honor Roll” contains the names:

Martha and her beautiful daughter, Kim; Steven and Kim and their precious children-Ilysa, Trammel and Quincy; An d’Lis, Darren and their two sons, Jordan and Jason; Jeanie and Alan with their twins, Marilyn and Austin.

I now live alone, however never ‘alone’.  I have a most supportive family located very near my single room here in Colonial Village.  I have made very special friends in just the few days and with those added blessings, how could I but shout and sing, “Glory to His Name”?  It is my mission to spread as much Joy to this World, beginning with my neighbors (some of whom have no one to be joyful with). There are some beautiful spirits abounding in CV, but there are some do not see it.  I am attempting to organize a chorus with the plans to perform on July 4 and December 24.  I am learning to be an encourager for so many who have lost the joy of music.  I am detemined to overcome, “I can’t sing”.  I am convinced that a knowing and loving GOD gave  us a voice and HE will smile when each of my singers lift their voice in Praise and Pure Happiness.  Whoever will may come and make joyful noise, in key or out.  GOD will tune, donchaknow.  Pray for The Golden Voices of Colonial Village.  I will appreciate it and GOD will bless  you for the effort.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN



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