Is it the “Ch”?

Chicago seems to get most of the news when it comes to firearm violence, but Charlotte must be running a close race.  It seems that every morning reveals another bevy of gunfights.  If not that, it’s some rumbling at one of the public schools, including elementary. The Internet reports over 50,000 incidents of gun violence and all that seems to do is result in more rhetoric about “Gun Control”.  Too bad that we will never really know what a difference “Parent” control would have made.  I believe there to be a lack of taking serious ‘addressing’ of some posteriors over the past few years.  Freedom of speech must have a limit when it comes to ‘smart mouth’ and personal freedom must have a limit also.  Something other than peanut allergy has come our way and it is not getting better.  It would be of interest to assess the number of handgun violence occurring nightly in cities whose name begins with “Ch”. donchaknow. I had a Police Special .38 back in my ‘Guard’ days at Lone Star Steel.  While taking a few shots at the plant rifle range, I discovered it best to use a 20-gauge than the pistol.  I also learned that the westerns at the Texan on Saturdays didn’t tell the truth as to the effective range of a handgun. I also learned that grown men could lose toes while demonstrating their “Fast Draw”.  A pistol on one’s hip was ‘manly’, but best to be left there. That’s what I get from my Box of Chocolates, donchaknow.  Thank the Good Lord, I got my pistol-packing days over with over 40 years ago.   AMEN

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