Compound Fracture


Sin is a Compound Fracture until repentance heals.  What is most frustrating about Sin is that it is continuous and very attractive.  I am blissfully sailing along, calmly confident, and “BOFFO!, up jumps temptation!  “You are
TOO beautiful”. is my thought. I am looking at things through my own eyes.  GOD waits patiently for me to recover HIS sight. Without him a slight break quickly becomes a compound fracture. Even though I know better, I continue to make this mistake.  Free will can be a curse, donchaknow. Today, around my breakfast table, we discussed “Sainthood”. It is difficult to ascertain.  Only GOD knows the heart of every living person.  Only GOD can see into my heart to determine my spiritual condition.  HIS Mercy and Grace are ever evident simply due to the frequency of my need. Sin may be the cause of every fracture, but GOD has the power to heal before it becomes compound. Sainthood may be out of my reach, but Obedience is not.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN


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