The Deed Indeed

“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, .…”.(Ps. 24:1 NIV)

Atheists will never give up.  They have stopped public prayers in many places.  They have attempted to stop prayers, period.  I just read where a high school was ordered not to pray, especially by their team prior to a football game.  The reason given?  “The football field was on public land and the entire public controls what goes on there.”  Obviously, the dissidents have not read Psalm 24:1. It is very difficult to open your wallet or your safe and see all the money or valuables inside.  When you look at the balance in your portfolio and the total reaches six-figures or more, it is difficult to think of all that as ‘nothing’.  We own, but GOD holds the mortgage or the deed. We save, but every penny is provided by GOD and never ‘totally’ ours.  That’s what William Devane fails to disclose when he asks, “What’s in YOUR safe?”  That’s just half the story when Capitol One commercials ask, “What’s in YOUR wallet?” Now, there is nothing in the least wrong with investing in the future, but the future is limited and when the ‘future’ ends all but that invested in the service and honor of GOD, will be of no value at all.  I suppose the best savings plan is  that of JESUS CHRIST that saves our own soul, donchaknow.  John 3:16 and that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

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