Immigration IS the real danger

We are right in the middle of the problematic fact of Immigration and how to control it. We are stumbling over the “Constitutional” provision of an open door to the world.  I am not certain that our Founding Fathers, in all their astute wisdom and motivation, ever conceived  of the problem.  There were not masses of immigrants crossing into our country on a daily basis.  I believe the basic reason for the founding documents was to prevent a take over of religion by the government.  History tells me that.  They had no idea as to how quickly opportunity and change would occur. What if all the mention of ‘freedom’ was intended to guarantee the right of every man to speak of his belief without threat; bear arms to protect his home and homeland; earn a living through his own labor and purchase land.  It is unreasonable to be so willing to welcome any and all who cross our boarders.  That is  why we have borders.  Since we can’t control the number of criminals who are coming into our country, we must either develop a way to “vet” or else stop all attempts at our borders. It has been said that whenever a country drops below an average of 6 children per household, that country is in danger of losing identity within 20-years.  Statistics prove that we are now at just over 1.8 per household and falling. Immigration by Hispanics raises that average, but there is a cultural difference.  In Europe, Muslim populations are taking over.  In France, in 2005, the average in each house was 1.8 and the Muslim rate of 8,0. It doesn’t take rocket science to see the danger of mass immigration.  The few men who drafted our founding documents didn’t intend for our nation to disappear under masses of people from other countries, donchaknow.  What I am saying will not sit well with most, but facts do not change what I am concerned about.  It is time for 2 Chronicles 7:14, for sure.  “Thy Kingdom Come in America, GOD!”  That’s what I get in My Box of Chocolates.        AMEN

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