The Music of Life

Music has been my life, yet I do not listen  much, but when I hear some of my most favorites, it just simply fills my half-empty cup. I am a fan of Old Time Country on RFD-TV and they are now doing special tributes to past stars. Jim Ed Brown and “Little Jimmy Brown” will always bring a sigh. Others in the country vain: “The Wayward Wind”. “Tips of my Fingers”, “Four Walls”. “Folsom Prison”, ” I Walk the LIne'”. “I Can’t Stop Loving You”. “The Yellow Rose of Texas” and “Can I Have this Dance for the Rest of My Life” are special as is “It Was Almost Like a Song” and “Wind Beneath my Wings”. I also love “Hard Candy Christmas” from TBLWHIT. In Contemporary POP, I have a bunch also. I will share them with you another time. Hopefully, they will dredge up joyful jollies, just as they do for me. GOD gives each of us a song and we may not do it very well, but HE smiles when we try. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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