Wading Westerly

Right now, we’re on a trek, heading west to Texas. I am taking residence in a beautiful Assisted Living facility in Longview, so future wanderings will flow from my efficiency apartment in Colonial Village, Longview, Texas.  I have known for a time that this move would come and the indicators are that it is now.  I regret leaving my Carolina Clan, but this is like going home, docnchaknow.  Longview is a short drive from my birthplace, Mount Pleasant, Texas. It is also easy distance from Bryan and Dallas, where three of my children live. I also regret leaving my ‘Big Red Dog’. MAX( my daughter in The Colony has found a gentleman in Bryan who has need of a companion. MAXis now a ‘TEXAN”, himself). My twelve-pound Pomeranian, MattieT, will be my companion.  We are ‘training’ her with treats in her travel bag so that it will no totally be a shock. She doesn’t react to changes well. Colonial Village is a full-service facility, highly recommended by a man who is familiar with it. Three square a day and good company is exciting.  I also am going to suggest that all residents who sing, join me in preparing some choral specials. I think that will be a HOOT, donchaknow.  So, if you’re ever in the vacinity, check us out at Colonial Village. It is reported to be so nice, regardless of age, you won’t leave.  Isn’t GOD Good!?  That’s What I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN


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